Musicmint Newsletter Volume One

Making Music Work for You: Branding through Music

Music branding, like a tattoo on the mind, makes an indelible impression.

Whether you're selling a product, concept or lifestyle, music that accentuates the fit between your brand and the consumer's tastes and values can turn a routine transaction into a vivid experience.

While most products and services are consumed and forgotten, experiences are remembered.

Your Business Personality

Is it casual or formal? Lighthearted or serious? Dynamic or subdued?

Do you want to connect with young people, creating a high-powered environment with music that is urban and cutting-edge?

Or do you want to put your adult customers in a good mood? One that evokes thoughts of their kids or grandchildren?

In the end, it's not just the music; it's the way your customers react to it that counts.

Attention to Detail

We salivate when we hear the dinner bell. That's the power of a single note.

Today, an entire brand-building industry has been built around audio, visual and visceral processes; including product names, colors, imagery, ambiance and sounds.

Music says something special about your company and your product. Branding with music brings a life and character to your business as nothing else can.