Robert Farrell's 'Metaphysical Ignition' Presents Dynamic New Piano Music

New York, NY - January 2017 - Robert Farrell's music delights both classical enthusiasts as well a new generation of music lovers. Combining elements of every era — Baroque richness, Classical clarity, and Romantic intensity — his compositions weave an exciting blend of magic and logic.

"The CD's title describes the creative spark." According to Farrell, the CD's sixteen movements pay homage to the past while also pointing to the future.

Growing up within New York's cultural hotbed, it was after studying the great composers that Farrell founded Musicmint, Inc., a musical production company. As president and composer-in-residence, Farrell developed his own approach. "Style is organic urgency," he says, "and there's a new world of possibility in expressing it."

About Musicmint, Inc.

Musicmint, Inc., is a premier musical production studio located in New York City. Robert Farrell founded Musicmint in 1999. Musicmint's goal is to present fresh classical music with an innovative sound that all people can enjoy.